cruel ppe profiteers are exploiting coronavirus crisis

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that abortion remains an essential and time-sensitive service during the COVID-19 crisis 2 For example are exploiting this moment to ban or dramatically limit womens reproductive health care Finally beyond the fact that medical authorities have asserted that abortion is essential and time-sensitive the claim that abortion procedures strain the supply of PPE is inaccurate and misleading Hundreds of 'PPE pirates and profiteers' are exploiting the coronavirus crisis and putting the lives of key workers at risk a Daily Mail investigation has discovered Health service leaders accused speculators of flooding the market for protective equipment such as face masks and gowns with vastly overpriced or counterfeit goods


The World Health Organization recently declared coronavirus a pandemic at a time when the death count was at 4 000 presently being just over 6 500 It will surely rise no matter what precautions are taken going forward but what is critical is some estimate of the rate By way of comparison the toll from the flu in the United States since October ran as follows: between 36 to 51 million

Internal CDC document projects U S coronavirus deaths could reach 3 000 per day by June 1—nearly double the current daily death toll Two Pandemics Separate and Unequal Why policy solutions must address underlying causes of vastly different health and economic outcomes We Must Redefine "Frontline" by Providing PPE for All Workers

04 05 2020Caitlin Johnstone has the sanest perspective and least loyalty to any faction of Empire of any contemporary political writer in my opinion She tells the truth so that blows all the mainstream 'journalists' out of the water and she is more on the pulse of the world stage than any alternative journalist I know of Caitlin has declared that her words may be shared freely even entire articles

"During the unfolding coronavirus crisis Gates is not simply 'stepping in' to help with government failure he is also doing a little bit (and compared to his overall fortune it is only a little bit) to offset his own business failures: the failure to treat his workforce as they deserve to be treated He's placing a plaster on the gaping chasm of healthcare support and sick-pay

Where Elsaesser rails against the profiteers it is worth reminding readers that the remarkable success of the German post World War 1 film industry was founded on this high level of inflation UFA like other successful entrepreneurial businesses was able to borrow cheaply in marks and pay the money back later with the same number of marks but which had become devalued through inflation


The coronavirus crisis has thrown the global economy into cardiac arrest and now you are acutely aware of the very markets that you had previously just assumed would function as normal The first indication was the precipitous drop in the stock market that took place in late February Then as the United States began to enter quarantine the labor market collapsed and hundreds of millions of

The refugee crisis "didn't just happen by happenstance " Bannon said in an April 2016 radio interview with Sebastian Gorka who now works for the National Security Council "These are not war refugees It's something much more insidious going on " Bannon has also echoed the novel's theory that secular liberals who favor immigration and diversity weaken the West "Do you believe

Is the THAAD Missile Crisis in South Korea Escalating? but that is what it has turned into for the hundreds of inmates that have died in custody due to the coronavirus They were someone's father mother sister brother daughter or son and their lives had value Our prison population is one of the most vulnerable and they deserve to be protected When I sat on the top bunk of my 3x8

Since the COVID-19 outbreak 3M has doubled its output of N95 respirators We are running our manufacturing lines around the clock seven days a week hiring workers adding shifts and activating more production lines In addition 3M is increasing its investment to expand its global capacity for manufacturing these respirators by more than 30 percent in the next 12 months Here in the U S

Advocates that emergency measures adopted by third countries in response to the COVID-19 crisis not violate human rights or international law that they be limited to strictly necessary proportionate measures and that they be subject to regular scrutiny and time bound condemns censorship arrests and intimidation of journalists opposition figures healthcare workers and other individuals

The way that you seem to believe work is the only industry in which people are coerced into working unsafely by exploiting profiteers Oh A few days ago it was reported that "2 7 million New Yorkers have already had coronavirus" To put that 2 7 million in context the Johns Hopkins University Covid-19 tracker records as I write 291 996 confirmed cases in New York with 57 103

The coronavirus crisis has exposed the relative merits of nations so the entire world can see for example how broken and corrupt the US is with no leadership to speak of Dawdling it failed to prevent needless deaths then shut down much of the country bankrupting thousands of businesses and throwing millions out of work As a fix it throws mere crumbs at desperate citizens while

Even for those who avoid the ICU American healthcare is the most expensive in the world and stories of coronavirus patients being whacked with gargantuan medical bills are a dime a dozen two months into the pandemic Making matters worse is the unemployment crisis as about 55 percent of Americans receive healthcare through their jobs

Coronavirus Scams Awareness

Virtual Currency Scams Exploiting COVID-19 Wide Scale Asserts FinCEN Chief Blanco: Online Extortion Scams Increasing During the COVID-19 Crisis: The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) has seen an increase in reports of online extortion scams during the current "stay-at-home" orders due to the COVID-19 crisis Because large swaths of the population are staying at home and likely

We need look no further than the current coronavirus issue to understand how vested interests are set to profit by spinning the crisis a certain way and how questionable science is being used to pursue policies that are essentially illogical or 'unscientific' Politicians refer to 'science' and expect the public to defer to the authority of science without questioning the legitimacy of

The World Health Organization recently declared coronavirus a pandemic at a time when the death count was at 4 000 presently being just over 6 500 It will surely rise no matter what precautions are taken going forward but what is critical is some estimate of the rate By way of comparison the toll from the flu in the United States since October ran as follows: between 36 to 51 million

The crisis has underscored the importance of resilient supply chains for essential goods such as food and energy Fortunately the UK renewables sector has held up remarkably well Turbine factories in Hull and on the Isle of Wight have adapted their working practices to safely remain open as has the cable factory in Hartlepool New wind turbines enabled by government-backed contracts

Workers say the platforms are exploiting them by making it mandatory to install the Indian government's contact tracing app The federal agency noted that the two drugs are unlikely to be effective in treating COVID-19 and could cause serious side effects Dan Vergano • 4 days ago 4 days ago This Texas Town Is America's COVID-19 Future "We cannot live in fear because when we live

Off the keyboard of RE Follow us on Twitter doomstead666 Friend us on Facebook Published on The Doomstead Diner on November 30 2016 Discuss this article at the Environment Table inside the Diner In less than a week from now as I begin writing this article the Army Corps of Bozos threatens to dismantle the encampment of mainly First Nations people which has grown nearby the Standing

especially now with the sloppy PPE and spreading covid-19 because their to good to cool to wear the PPE correctly failed to tape to wear the ppe correctly the city spread corona-virus was nobodies fault but the low quality workers the attitude of they are above the law above the instructions hind sight is 20/20 but the same thing is going on right now it's a general attitude problem of

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