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3/13/2007An official doctors sick certificate is by law a legal document on your health being unsuitable for work Not even a police officer or judge can override a doctors sick note if a doctor says you can't work that is it Tell your employer politely that you will not be returning to work Just make sure you have a firewall that prevents connections being initiated from the outside into your home network (unless you specify exceptions) and they can't really do much with your IP other than use it in their firewall whitelist – HorusKol Feb 4 '16 at 1:14 80 So I can put you in my development environment server's IP whitelist You want control of your access I want control of

Your maternity rights

If you take all 52 weeks of maternity leave you don't have to give notice that you're returning to work Your employer will assume that you plan to take your full entitlement to maternity leave You may want to tell them anyway If you want to go back to work sooner you

16 03 2009The dreaded question in a job application has come up: May We Contact This Employer? The truth is I'm afraid to say yes but only know this will wind up seeming suspicious I was fired from my last job for absolutely unfair reasons Everyone knew it was budget cuts but my boss insists I had an attitude problem (which was absolutely not true - I was one of the nicest people there?? so i

Talking openly to your employer about your health or any other problems you are struggling to deal with is difficult but essential to getting you the support you need to remain in work For many worries over redundancy or forced ill health retirement prevent them from being open with their employer However it is against the law for you to lose your job because of chronic illness or a need

Under the workers' compensation system in almost every state in the U S most employers are required to purchase insurance that provides a range of benefits to employees who are injured or become ill because of their jobs The system strikes a compromise between employers and employees: Employees get benefits regardless of who was at fault

You are well served to trust your own research personal interviews etc to give you a more accurate perspective of your new employer ] Let's face it When someone quits it's a direct reflection on the boss Unless you're really incompetent or a destructive thorn in his side the boss might look bad by allowing you to go His gut reaction

Leaving Your Job

It may be that your employer wants to fire you and is making life at work difficult for you hoping you will quit The company may refrain from terminating you out of fear that the dismissal would be illegal Under these circumstances you may be better off not resigning If you resign voluntarily you may be unable to claim an illegal discharge Assume your employer wants you out but doesn't

In your case it looks like the IRS is only charging $50 00 per request The transcript that they provide you with will include all income earned by you and reported by your employer As long as your employer reported the income that you earned on your 1099 form to the IRS then that amount will be seen on the transcript that you receive

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Just because you put in your two-week resignation letter doesn't mean your employer is required to guarantee that you can work through your notice period There are a number of reasons why your boss could let you go even if you extended the courtesy of providing advance or written notice that you're leaving the company

If you're not seriously injured you should ask your employer if they require you to see a certain doctor or if you can choose which doctor to go to If your employer chooses the doctor and you're not satisfied with how things went at your visit you might want to consider seeing another doctor of your own choosing You might be entitled to a second opinion under the workers' compensation laws

Educating your employer How to manage Gen Y 1 2 3 Gibble Msg#:3428007 4:04 pm on Aug 21 2007 (gmt 0) Senior Member joined:June 13 2002 posts:662 votes: 0 Those of us in our 20's who have to work for someone probably know what I mean We're different than our older coworkers we need to be managed differently We grew up with technology and information at our fingertips We

'Always on' work culture needs to go It's time to sever the connection unplug the cord and permanently turn off 'always on' work culture Here's why By Corey Moseley It's 5pm on Friday which means it's time to pack up your belongings and head home for the night You've done some excellent work this week Now you're excited for the weekend But before you even make it on the

My employer classed me as a key worker in March and said she would understand if I did not want to go into work but I need to for bills Then in March I was told to stop work and the company will apply for furlough I did not get any work for all of April then I was paid for 4 days work that I did in March then was told I am not eligible for furlough and was told I am a key worker again and

Your legal rights when you go contracting

Your legal rights when you go contracting +1 Share Tweet Share Email Limited company contractors just starting out on their contracting career leave their last employer workplace and colleagues and are suddenly thrust into a whole new set of relationships governed by unfamiliar rules Employment rights no longer apply and the relationship between a contractor and the agency and client

If you come to work and find medical masks and Purell dispensers on the table and your employer insists that you put on one of those masks they are legally obligated to show you how to wear one Some conflicts can arise in such situations – a number of employees could have medical issues that may worsen by putting a mask on

If you're on-call at work you might technically be off the clock but there may be restrictions on how you spend your time In most cases being on-call means that you must be accessible to your employer by phone pager or email In other cases you may be required to physically come on-site in the case of an emergency In this situation for

If you go into work and you consider that you are in serious and imminent risk of danger to your health and safety you are protected against dismissal detrimental treatment and loss of pay if you leave work in order to protect yourself This could include a situation where you believe that a colleague or someone else in your workplace has coronavirus symptoms or has been in contact with

Your Life Outside of Work If your boss follows you on social media you'd probably rather figure out a way for her to know less about your personal life But getting a little personal with your boss isn't a bad thing—in fact it can help solidify your professional relationship So spill a few details about your family your childhood or even just what you did over the weekend—and

22 06 2016Just because you have had a mental illness in the past does not give an employer the right to delve into your medical history and is in fact discriminatory as other employees or prospective employees are not required to divulge their medical history Neither are you required to have a medical examination My office required an employee to provide medical certification on return to work both